Visual Inspection of Paddy Husker

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As Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) complete sets of equipment become more and more popular among major food manufacturers, it attracts more people to purchase the equipment. For this reason, the rice mill complete sets of equipment manufacturers hereby remind all friends to check the appearance when the equipment arrives. After ensuring good appearance, it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance before the equipment is officially produced, and carefully check each part. Once again, this will ensure that the paddy husker complete sets of equipment in the post-processing production less problems. Appearance inspection of paddy husker complete sets of equipment: 1. Check whether the anti-rust paint of all parts of the paddy husker complete equipment is even and smooth, with or without peeling and severe scratching, and whether there is any phenomenon that the parts are rusted due to the low quality of the paint. 2. Check whether the welding parts inside and outside the complete equipment of the paddy husker machine are firm, and whether the parts are deformed or broken. 3. Check the rotating equipment of the paddy husker machine and rotate the threshing drum and other moving parts to check whether the flour machinery is stuck or collided. Whether the operation is stable and flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing. 4. Check whether the bolts of each connecting part of the complete set of paddy husker equipment are well installed, and whether the installation of each transmission wheel, tensioning wheel and each wheel end fixing nut is complete and firm. Click Paddy Separator to learn about more information.
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