Rice Polisher Sieve Body Deviation Troub

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Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/polishing-machine/ equipment is a kind of professional equipment for processing rice. It has to go through several links in the process of processing rice. One of the more important ones is to screen rice, which is the magazine removal in rice. However, in the process of working on rice polisher equipment, occasionally there will be a deviation of the screen body. What is the matter? How can we solve it? Today's article will give you a detailed introduction to the reasons for the deviation of the screen of rice polisher equipment and the way to solve the problem. Method for troubleshooting the deviation of the sieve body of rice polisher equipment: 1. Regularly add lubricating oil to the rice polisher equipment, so as to ensure that the lubricating oil will not disappear due to friction, which will lead to increased friction of the accessories. 2. It is also important to ensure the uniformity between the gaps of the rice polisher equipment, so that a relatively uniform oil film can be formed on the friction surface, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of wear. If the gap is too small, then the oil film of the lubricating oil The formation will also be affected. Click Rice Whitener https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/rice-whitener-machine/ to learn about more information.
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