Reasonable Use of Paddy Separator Equipm

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Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) equipment is recommended to always work under normal temperature conditions, and automatically screen and feed, so as to improve the quality of rice and reduce labor intensity. The device is driven by a motor to drive the cone grinding head portion, as well as the wind mixer and the self-circulating screen cabinet, and is respectively equipped with a wind source fan and a separation conveyor cabinet. The motor is driven by the motor, and the movable grinding head and the fixed grinding head respectively have special teeth, and the grinding shell is provided with an inlet and a wind mixer. The air mixer is connected to the feed hopper by a feed port. An air inlet is connected to the air duct of the fan, and an air volume regulating valve is arranged on the air duct, and the air inlet is designed as a throat tube. The separate conveying screen cabinet is provided with a spiral conveying blade and a surface brush, and is respectively equipped with a transmission wheel and a belt. The automatic stratification device consists of a layered shaft, a layered plate and a belt-driven adjustment layer. The high temperature phenomenon of the grinding chamber in the paddy separator equipment requires us to solve it. Otherwise, the processing of our equipment will be interrupted, which poses a great threat to our production development. For the high temperature of the grinding chamber, we need to do the sealing and lubrication. It may be because our grinding machine has insufficient lubrication effect, the friction frequency is increased, and high temperature phenomenon will inevitably occur. Reasonable lubrication and sealing will be beneficial to our production development. harmless. Good maintenance of paddy separator equipment to make it last longer. Click Paddy Husker to learn about more information.
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