What Collisions Will Occur in Rice White

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As the nutritional value of rice is more and more discovered and valued, more and more attention has been paid to the rice processing enterprises in the market, and the Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/rice-whitener-machine/ machinery and equipment will be more and more advanced. The process of rice milling is the milling of rice grains in a whitening chamber. Then there will be several collisions in the process of rice milling in rice processing? 1. Results of collision between rice grains and rice grains When rubbed away from the whitening, the rice grains rub against each other on a large pressure line. The peeled loose skin layer was removed by the white roller, and the skin layer was continuously peeled off. When grinding and whitening, the pressure between the rice grains is small and the impact force is large, and the cortex which has been loosened by the sand roller is mainly removed. 2. Results of collision between rice grains and whitewashed outdoor walls When rubbing away from whitening, the pressure between the rice grain and the outer wall is relatively large, and the peeling and peeling of the skin layer is continued by rubbing, and the peeled skin layer is discharged from the outer wall; when grinding and whitening, the pressure of the rice grain on the outer wall is small, and the friction is continued by the impact collision friction. The cortex has been loosened and the cortex is discharged from the outer wall. The rice grain bounces back from the outer wall, and the deformation of the outer wall is extremely small. After a long time of accumulation, it appears as wear; the outer wall is of great quality compared with the rice grain, and is fixed on the base of the rice mill, so the outer wall is stationary, the speed no change. 3. Results of collision between rice grains and white roller Rice grains increase the speed of movement and increase energy. Because the angle of the white roller of the rice grain is different, the collision part is different, such as vertical collision or oblique collision with the white roller and collision with the circumferential surface of the white roller, and collision with the rib or groove, the speed of the rice grain and The reverse is different, the kinetic energy obtained is also different, the pressure is increased when rubbing off the whitening, and the speed is increased when grinding and whitening. These effects deform the rice grains, and the deformation is manifested by the removal, breakage and peeling of the skin layer of the rice grains, while the temperature of the rice rises. Therefore, the actual kinetic energy obtained when the rice leaves the white roller is smaller than the kinetic energy that should be obtained, and the actual speed is also smaller than the expected speed. This reduced kinetic energy is consumed in grinding the skin layer and breaking, peeling and raising the temperature of the rice layer. Compared with rice grains, the white roller has great mass and power transmission, so the speed changes are extremely small and basically unchanged. Click Rice Polisher https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/polishing-machine/ to learn about more information.
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