Clean up The Following Parts of Paddy Cl

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As the number of people using Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) equipment has been increasing, more and more people are aware of the importance of doing maintenance work when using the equipment on a daily basis, because the maintenance work can be used to effectively protect rice. The working efficiency of the processing equipment, when cleaning the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to not to miss the parts, some users will inadvertently miss several parts, but in this case, the cleaning work is not done. Parts to be cleaned in paddy cleaner equipment: 1. Clear the sieve: The material should be walked evenly, and the impurities and sieve surface condition should be checked. 2. The water system: often check the rice processing equipment water injection device. 3. The sieve rice of various screening equipment should be tensioned, and the sieve ball can be bounced freely with the suede ball, and the sieve hole is not deformed or enlarged. 4. Suction separator: The working performance should be checked to maintain proper suction volume. 5. Roller and disc selection machine: Pay attention to check the condition of each part of paddy cleaner equipment and clean it regularly. 6. Go to the stone machine or go to the stone classifier: often check the wear and tear of the sieve rice and its smoothness. 7. Rice washing machine: check the water level, the sieve plate of the dryer and the board. 8. Rice machine: should check the integrity of the sieve rice. 9. Magnetic separator: should be cleaned frequently. 10. With rice: often check and adjust the distribution of wheat, to ensure that the proportion of rice is correct, to prevent machine blockage. 11. Run rice warehouse: to ensure that rice in accordance with the prescribed time to run rice, the rational use of rice warehouse. 12. Check whether the anti-rust paint of all parts of paddy cleaner equipment is even and smooth, with or without peeling and severe scratching, and whether there is any phenomenon that the parts are rusted due to the low quality of the paint. 13. Check whether the welding parts inside and outside the paddy cleaner equipment are firm, and whether the parts are deformed or broken. 14. Check the paddy cleaner equipment to rotate the threshing drum and other moving parts, check whether the paddy cleaner equipment is stuck or collided, whether the operation is stable and flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing. 15. Check whether the bolts of each connection part of the paddy cleaner equipment are installed properly, and whether the transmission wheels, tensioning wheels and wheel end fixing nuts are installed completely and firmly. Click Rice Destoner to learn about more information.
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