Three Principles of Welding Bearings for

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The reason why the Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment can exert such excellent processing effect is that the bearing is indispensable, because every operation of the equipment actually needs the bearing to rotate, so the quality of the bearing will directly affect the quality. To the operation of rice destoner equipment. Therefore, in the welding operation of the bearing, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the welding operation, the following three principles must be mastered. Three principles of welding bearings for rice destoner equipment: First, to ensure the position of the bearing is accurate, no large error occurs, so as not to increase the wear concentricity correction value is not more than 0.015mm, to avoid high-speed operation noise increase, vibration and heat when eccentricity, so that the operating life of the rice destoner equipment motor is shortened. Second, we must pay attention to the choice of rice destoner equipment for welding, the wrong welding will cause the concentricity of the bearing to increase. When the motor shaft of the equipment is 40mm shaft should be full of welding. This is determined by the force transmitted by the shaft of the processing equipment at the output power. Regardless of the type of surfacing, pay attention to the use of intermittent strips. Third, we must pay attention to the accuracy of the bearing grinding, to avoid too rough. When turning the lathe, the turning roughness of the motor shaft below 11KW is controlled to about 3.2. After the 11KW motor shaft and the end cap hole are turned, it is better to use the grinding machine for finishing to ensure the quality. Click Paddy Cleaner to learn about more information.
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