Maintenance Using Rice Huller Equipment

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The electricity usage of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment, a workshop should be subdivided into several workshop departments or sub-processes as accurately as possible. The amount of electricity required for these sub-processes can be accurately determined by an integer power measurement method. When rice huller equipment is high in energy consumption, power measurement is also a cooperative method to indicate production operations. In the production of rice huller equipment, it is necessary to strictly implement equipment maintenance and repair plans, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency. 1. When using the motor as the power, first make sure that the power cord is firmly connected, and also tightly wrapped and pay attention to the installation of the ground wire. 2. Must pay attention to continuous and evenly into the rice rod, and the amount of input should be appropriate. If the rice is intermittently put into operation, it will inevitably affect the production efficiency of the rice thresher. If the input of the rice is too large and the machine is overloaded, the machine will be stuck, which will cause the motor to burn and damage the equipment. 3. The user should pay attention to the water content of the threshed rice bar can not exceed 20%. If the water content is too high, the normal threshing effect will not be achieved, and even the phenomenon of threshing will not occur. 4. Before the rice huller equipment starts to operate, be sure to place it on a flat surface to ensure that the machine can operate smoothly and firmly, so as to avoid the machine from vibrating during operation. 5. Before the end of the work, the rice rods to be put into the net should be completely removed and discharged, so that the machine is stopped at an empty load, and the machine is prohibited from stopping in the threshing. Click Rice Grader to learn about more information.
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