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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • beix xi   I am a girl, I do not have a look of the country, no prominent life experience, and no power. I am just an ordinary woman living in secular life.   I must learn to face the cruel world and be strong.   I can allow myself to fall for a while, but I can not sink from now on, I still have dreams, and tomorrow will always come.   Looking down and having something, not deliberately pursuing something, falling back to the roots, belongs to me, will always come back.   Sad, sad, a person quiet, no tears in front of anyone, I can not forgive my cowardice.   Be more extravagant and leave a smile to everyone, even though there is sadness behind them e
    July 17, 2018

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    July 1, 2018