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  • fiberclosure green Fiber optic splice closures connect in the outside plant or indoor buildings In order to meet the stringent protection requirements of fiber optic splices, fiber optic splice closures, also called fiber splicing closures, are usually used to provide space for fiber optic cables to be spliced together. Fiber optic splice closures connect and store optical fibers safely either in the outside plant or indoor buildings. They can provide protection for the fiber joint and the fiber cables, since they have excellent mechanical strength and strong out shell, which ensure the joints not be damaged by the hostile environment. Key Features of Fiber Optic Splice Closures Fiber splice closures are made from special industrial grade, high tension plastic with a reliable moisture barrier. They are also optimized to resist aging of the material due to factors in the natural environment such as ultraviolet light. The box adds aging-resistant in imported high tensile construction plastic out-faster is made up of stainless steel Overlap structure in splicing tray is easy to install Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber Perfect leak proofness Perfect and reliable sealing operations Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm Full accessories for convenient operations Fiber optic splice closure can be used repeatedly For aerial, and direct buried applications Types of Fiber Optic Splice Closure
    Aug 2