Terms of Service

These terms of service are the terms of the agreement between Blissyoo and you, and anyone else you allow to use your membership or profile.
Please read them carefully. If you do not agree with each of these terms, do not proceed.
1. We don’t restrict your freedom of speech. All public posts should be family friendly; we want our community to be a welcoming place for everyone. But in your own groups, with your own friends, you can say what you like (as long as it’s legal). We won’t censor your posts. We will, however, remove posts which are illegal or which contain illegal content, or are in breach of copyright legislation. It is up to you to ensure your posts comply with all relevant legislation in your country, or wherever you use Blissyoo. By agreeing to this term you agree to indemnify Blissyoo against any claim or costs incurred as a result of legal action relating to anything you post on this site, including any breaches of copyright legislation. We keep backups of all content, and this content may be made available to police or security services in jurisdictions where we have staff or infrastructure.
2. Once our start up period is complete, as at 1st January 2018, and once you have been a member for three months, you may choose to opt into our advertising share programme and earn 20% of advertising revenue from your journal/timeline. This process is not automatic. You need to opt in. If you choose to opt in to this programme you will need to pay a small once-off setup fee (no more than $20 USD) when you opt in. You will need to provide us with your correct name, contact details, and Paypal email address if you wish to join this programme. It is up to you to ensure the details you provide are current and correct. Paypal is the only available option for payment of commissions. This may change, and we will notify you if it does. You will only earn commissions from responses to advertisements on your own journal/timeline. In general, the more you post and the more interesting your posts, the more commission you will earn. You are not guaranteed any income. Income is dependent on member interest, and response to advertisements on your journal/timeline.
3. We will not remove posts simply because you find them offensive. If you don’t like a post, go past it. If it really bothers you, contact the person who posted it. If that person does not respond in a way you consider appropriate, unfriend them. Not censoring your opinion means we don’t censor other people’s opinions either. We are not the opinion police, and we will not adjudicate differences of opinion. On the other hand, you should report posts which contain illegal content, or which are publicly viewable and contain material unsuitable for children. This may include nudity or explicit violence. You may use the contact form at the bottom of most pages to do this.
4. We do not guarantee continuity of service, nor that material you post will be available at all times or to every member, or in every country or location.
5. Site features may change, and some services may be cancelled, or new services introduced. No guarantee is made in relation to the availability of any site feature. You are free to make suggestions for site features using the contact form.
6. We will not generally respond to requests for helping in using site features. Play! Explore! If you are stuck, post a message to the How do I ..? forum.
7. We do not guarantee the privacy of your content. You should be aware that other users with whom you share content may ignore your privacy settings, and re-post or redistribute your posts.
8. We may limit the amount of material you can upload, including the size of any files you upload, in order to ensure fair use of our resources for all our members.
9. Blissyoo may place advertisements on any of your member pages. These advertisements may relate to material you have posted.
10. These terms and conditions may change. We will let you know if they do. If you no longer agree to any of these terms, you should cancel your membership of Blisyoo. To do this, go to your profile page, then click settings, then Delete Account. Content you have posted, and other identifying information including your ip address, may remain in our backups for up to twelve months.
These are the conditions on which Blissyoo grants you permission to upload, share and view content including text, images, videos and music, and to use its servers. By joining Blissyoo, or continuing to use Blissyoo, you expressly agree to each of these terms.