Privacy Statement

We do not share or sell your email address or other personal details. We keep these details so you can log in, and so we can send you news or updates.

You set your own privacy settings for everything you post. You should keep in mind that others may not respect these privacy settings, and may repost or redistribute anything you have shared.

You should ensure your posts comply with legal requirements in your place of work or residence, or wherever you use Blissyoo.

We will remove posts which are illegal in jurisdictions where we have staff or infrastructure. This includes the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We will co-operate with police and security services in these jurisdictions.

Content is backed up daily, weekly and monthly. Daily backups are saved for one week, weekly backups for one month, and monthly backups for one year. This means that content you have posted may be stored and available to police or other services on presentation of a court order, for up to twelve months.