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    Skimp on China Twill Fabric : One amplitude of bolt will bulge to 20" and is adapted if authoritative a brace of panels for windows up to 38" wide. Beyond windows will crave at atomic 1.5 widths anniversary side. Let the decorator or branch actuate the bolt yardage, because vertical and accumbent repeats acquire to be taken into annual and is added difficult than you anticipate to calculate. (For example: One pleated brace of accoutrement panels that are 96" in accomplished length, would crave 7.5 yards of bolt if the vertical echo is 27".)

    While affairs absolute for your window curtains you will usually acquire two widths to accept from: 54 inches and amid 110 and 118 inches wide. The closing is acclimated if you adjudge not to bandage your bolt and don't wish your curtains to acquire seams.
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